What Can You Do As A Volunteer In California

While doing this the volunteers can work together with a flat roofer to help build temporary schools that can be attended for free by the homeless children. The pandemic is a very difficult moment for so many people and we will all have to work together to help one another. it is simply not enough to sit behind our phone screens, reading the news. As volunteers we will be able to make the lives of so many people better.

Finding New Homes For The Homeless In California

As a volunteer in California there are ways you can help someone find a home in California. There are examples you can take from people in other countries too. If you happen to be roaming the streets of Bangsar, Klang or Kota Kemuning in Malaysia, you will see a few homeless people walking around. In Malaysia the people help the homeless by opening up Instagram pages, getting influencers to help out and donate to the ones who are in need. 

Things We Can Do In California To Help People in Rehab

Instead, provide solutions. As mentioned before, people are too quick to judge and that is very toxic and can sometimes be harmful in our society. Yes, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but if that opinion isn’t helpful or useful to anyone involved, it’s best to keep it to yourself. A simple comment about someone’s weight can destroy any person’s self-esteem. You don’t know how long they’ve been working on themselves and their mental health. You don’t know what they’ve been through and your comment could put them in a downward spiral.