Holiday Volunteer Opportunities In California

Most organizations all around California would have regular sessions where you can spend time with them, either by watching a movie together with หนังออนไลน์ฟรี or by simply lending an ear to hear them talk. Sometimes, they want some companionship since they get pretty lonely here and there. Other activities include playing games, reading a book to the children, and many more.

Public Schools Scramble To Continue Free Meals Despite Coronavirus Campus Closures

The urgent decisions have left schools and cities scrambling to figure out how to make sure students don’t go hungry. Local officials have been publishing lists of sites where meals will be distributed within their counties and cities. Several measures now pending in Congress would offer a nationwide waiver so school meals can be offered in a wide variety of settings, such as food banks, and allow the USDA to grant waiver requests expanding eligibility even if they resulted in added costs to the government.