For California Businesses, Going Green Is A Important

California needs us. Around a quarter of the state is already in moderate drought right after the driest February and January on record. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires and air pollution all threaten our livelihood, health and our future. Going green can help fight climate change. Let’s do our part. It can keep innovation, jobs and investments in California. It can even result in cost savings in water and energy bills. 

Disneyland To Donate Excess Food Inventory To Local Food Bank During Closure

Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have a strong ongoing commitment of lessening unserved food and food waste. In selected locations and local communities, they donate food to those in need. Every year, the resorts donate more than 1.2M food meals to the local Second Harvest Food Bank. This is part of their ongoing donation programs. 

Despite The COVID-19 Pandemic, Nonprofit Continues To Help Skid Row’s Homeless People With Free Makeovers

The service started three years ago, when Shirley Raines started Beauty 2 The Streetz, her non-profit organization. This body is dedicated to making homeless people look good and feel great. 

Volunteers Help Firefighters By Tracking Hillsides Virtually From Home

According to the fire watch manager Tony Pointer, while they still have volunteers to deploy in the field, this allows their volunteers to monitor devices if they need to stay behind at home. By keeping a keen eye out, they can be early reporters and visual deterrents for some of the purposeful and accidental activities.

With FEMA Assistance, California Seek 15,000 Hotel Rooms To Shelter Homeless People Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The state of California has recently launched a program to offer housing for several homeless people. This is to protect them from COVID-19, Gov. Gavin Newsom said. 

With More People Staying At Home, SoCal Animal Shelters Get More Inquiries From Locals Who Want To Adopt Or Foster

In a statement last Friday, Dr. Allan Drusys, the chief veterinarian of Riverside County, said that they have noticed many people are coming to adopt. While they cannot say directly that the pandemic is causing this, it makes sense considering that several people are at home. It seems like families are heading to the shelters to look for the perfect comfort pet.