Small Free Libraries Providing Solace Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

Across the U.S., volunteers are seeing a surge in free little libraries as people look for things to do to pass the time. These libraries are usually made of brick or wood, and then placed in car trunks or in front of parks. Whether it’s “Macbeth” and “Love in the Time of Cholera” or children’s books, these libraries offer some interaction outside people’s homes. 


Sean Penn Wants To Save People’s Lives With Free COVID-19 Testing In L.A. Country

The Oscar award-winning celebrity’s disaster relief organization called “CORE” has partnered up with the office of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, as well as Los Angeles’ fire department, to put up free drive-thru coronavirus test labs for those with ongoing qualifying symptoms. His staff members, while wearing thick hazard suits, are also administering coronavirus tests in Malibu, his home city.

Blood Banks In Northern California Facing Critical Shortages Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

While donated blood is not used to treat patients with coronavirus, the strong demand for blood remains for many routine surgeries, trauma procedures and cancer treatments. It’s a huge essential for cancer patients. This is why many health care officials worry that their reserves may not be enough.

Nonprofit Organization Assembles Its One-Millionth Care Package For U.S. Troops

Operation Gratitude encourages more Americans to go above and beyond saying “thank you.” That way, they can provide opportunities for volunteers to establish more meaningful connections with service women and men and their families. 

L.A. Deploys Teams To Help Homeless People During Coronavirus Outbreak

To prevent COVID-19 cases from increasing, L.A. will deploy street teams to encampments. Then, they will set up trailers throughout the city to get them off the street, said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

New California Law Requires Racial Diversity On Corporate Boards Of Directors

Governor Gavin Newsom of California just signed a law that requires publicly traded corporations based in California to appoint directors from those communities which are underrepresented. This is the first law of its kind in the United States. It dictates racial makeup of many corporate boards. 

L.A. Convention Center To Be Turned Into A Field Hospital As City Puts Together Shelters For Homeless People

The homeless are more likely to experience underlying health problems and have a more difficult time taking all the recommended precautions to protect themselves from the illness, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, L.A. County Department of Public Health, has said. This makes them more vulnerable to the coronavirus, and if infected, more likely catch worse symptoms.

LAUSD Prepares 400,000 Meals, Plans For Months Of ‘Grab-And-Go’ At Many Sites

Around 400,000 “grab-and-go” food packages were prepared. They are now ready to be distributed between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m, Wednesday, at 60 pickup locations throughout the district. The sites are arranged for walk-up and drive-through distribution. Authorities say that they’ll make adjustments in the upcoming days, depending on how many students and their families will show up.

How Californians Can Help Their Own Community During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Officials have always emphasized the significance of social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, Californians who want to help their community are also allowed to do it safely. Below are some ways to do it.

Going Green: 8 Easy Ways To Live More Sustainably In California

While learning how to lessen our carbon footprints may appear futile or hefty at first, little steps often result in more sustainable, bigger habits. Our impact on Planet Earth is undeniable. If you’re searching for basic changes you can make at home today, read these eco-friendly tips.