Activities To Do At Rehab In California
Substance abuse allows us to escape our emotions. If the real issues were alcohol or narcotics, merely abstaining from such substances would fix the problem. The problem with addiction or substance abuse is that when these drugs and alcohol are…
Restoring California’s Trees In The Age Of Wildfires

One strategy was something that can be compared to social distancing – planting trees in little clumps that are spaced irregularly. Since the trees are so far apart, a wildfire can’t jump in between clumps. This technique isn’t completely proven yet, but it’s becoming more common. As per anecdotal evidence, it helps more trees survive, in case a fire burns the area. 


California Volunteers Make Homemade Face Masks For Over 150 Hospitals As Supplies Run Low

The donated face masks won’t be used by health workers treating COVID-19 patients. According to Magyari, the masks are being used for those in waiting rooms, and other caregivers and patients in other departments. That frees up the usual surgical face masks for those working specifically with suspected coronavirus patients. 

Authorities Consider Using The Queen Mary As A Care Facility Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Long Beach authorities said that they are preparing for the influx of patients by putting up mobile hospital tents right outside local hospitals. They are also opening a rapid evaluation clinic at Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus, as well as a 100-bed field hospital with the Long Beach Sports Arena.

California Seeks To Improve Health Care Workforce By Calling On Retired Professionals And Students

Coronavirus testing has been one of the biggest challenges for California, most especially during the start of the pandemic. With low testing and PPE supplies, it took many months before the state could process 100,000 tests daily. Even then, according to experts, it was still not enough to contain the virus in a huge state of this size.

California Can Give Each Student A Chance And Close The Digital Divide. Here’s How.

With partisan gridlock in D.C. and no second CARES act, California should step in to offer a solution to the problem. While the coronavirus is unprecedented in several ways, there are tons of lessons to be learned from similar awful times in our past.

California Bans Insurance Companies From Dropping Coverages For 2.1 Million Properties In Fire-Stricken Locations

Lara’s insurance order impacts policies in and adjacent to the state-declared disaster zones. In a joint statement, the Personal Insurance Federation of California and the American Property Casualty Insurance Association said that it’s time for them to adapt to this new reality. Moreover, they mentioned in the statement that they are hoping to work on comprehensive solutions to better account for wildfire risks in homeowners coverages.

California To Connect Farms Dumping Crops To Food Banks

Gov. Newsome said during this difficult time, putting food on the table is hard for many families. This is the reason they are expanding their farm-to-family program, while working to connect those low-income families with financial support and vital resources. They are thanking their farmers for donating fresh produce to food banks. 

California Agencies Trying To Figure Out Wildfire, Earthquake, Flood Evacuation Plans Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is primarily spread by sneezes or coughs, so authorities are increasingly urging people to wear masks. The virus causes moderate or mild symptoms for most individuals, like cough and fever that clear up in around two weeks. However, for some older adults and those with preexisting health issues, it can cause severe complications, including death and pneumonia. 

California’s Aims To Be Entirely Green Powered By 2045

The Global Climate Action Summit will bring over 5,000 environmentalists, business executives and government authorities. These people can play important roles in preventing the worst effects of rising global temperatures. Brown’s action in this week’s summit is expected to be a lot more intense since President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord.