California Green Jobs Corps

Program Overview

The California Green Jobs Corps is a state-sponsored pilot program that will train 1,500 at-risk youth for technical, construction and other skilled jobs in environmentally friendly industries. The program utilizes $10 million in federal economic stimulus funds, matched with local resources from public-private partnerships, to invest $20 million in local programs. California Green Jobs Corps participants are youth ages 16-24. They are provided with a range of training and development opportunities, including job-specific training, education, instruction in environmental stewardship and civic responsibility, and community service activities.

The California Green Jobs Corps is housed at CaliforniaVolunteers, which works in close partnership with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency and its Employment Development Department and Workforce Investment Board.

Local Programs

The state does not directly manage California Green Jobs Corps activities. Instead, it has awarded funding to 11 organizations that design and manage programs based on their unique local needs. Each program operates as a partnership that includes a workforce investment board, community college or community college district, nonprofit organization and private sector employer.

The 11 California Green Jobs Corps grantees can be found below. For a detailed list, including program summaries, contact information and grant amounts, please visit the Employment Development Department website.

City College of San Francisco
Long Beach City
Los Angeles Community College District
Merced County
Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium
Orange County
Peralta Community College District
Sacramento Employment Training Agency
San Mateo County
Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District (Shasta College)
Workforce Institute, San Jose/Evergreen Community College District


CaliforniaVolunteers has compiled a resource guide with links to information on air, weather and climate, as well as specific topics such as air quality, climate change and global warming. It is intended as a reference for California Green Jobs Corps programs, all of whom provide environmental stewardship education for their program participants. However, the guide’s links and resources may be of interest to individuals and/or organizations with a general interest in environmental issues.

 Green Jobs Corps Stewardship Resources

Green Jobs Corps Branding

A California Green Jobs Corps brand was created to visually identify and represent the Green Jobs Corps program. To access California Green Jobs Corps logos, templates, web banners and style guide, please have your password ready and click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in being trained for a green job. How do I join the California Green Jobs Corps?

The State of California does not directly manage California Green Jobs Corps training and other activities. Instead, it has awarded grants to 11 organizations that oversee programs in various regions. Each of the programs has its own process for recruiting and enrolling participants. For a list of programs, locations and contact information, please click here. The Employment Development Department also has other resources and information for job seekers – please click here for the Department’s website.

I work with at-risk youth and think that the California Green Jobs Corps could be a good opportunity for some of them. How do I learn more about the program?

You can find a list of program summaries, locations and points of contact on the Employment Development Department website.


For questions about the California Green Jobs Corps program, please email