How Can Technology Help With Volunteering?

Without a doubt, technology has changed the way we work and communicate. But has it affected the way we volunteer? And why is it critical for nonprofits to be aware of cultural shifts and adapt accordingly? According to a recent Salesforce Nonprofit Trends Report, 85% of nonprofits surveyed believe technology is critical to their organisations’ success. However, only 23% have a long-term vision for how technology will be used within their organisation.  If nonprofits are to thrive in this digital age, they will need to catch up in terms of technology such as the blender render farm.

Community Service: Everything About Volunteering


When we hear the word “volunteer”, many people think it is a ‘working for free’ and a simple charity program that people do to help the community during their free time. Volunteering is more than just gathering all the hardware equipment and tools like the ones from scrooz fasteners to help people renovate their houses, prepare meals, and clean their yards. Volunteering is the unpaid provision of one’s time, talent, and energy to a need, cause, or mission. Well, a lot of people decide to volunteer their time to help others. Your time is frequently just as precious as money when you don’t have any to donate, if not more.